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2019 Billion Steps Challenge

On January 1, 2018 the Healthy St. Lucie Coalition launched a Billion Steps Challenge as  2-year campaign to encourage residents in St. Lucie County to move more.  Make a commitment to your health in 2019 by accepting the challenge to move more where you live, learn, work and play!


Registration will be open to residents all year long. Healthy St. Lucie invites individuals, worksites, local government officials, faith-based groups, and community-based organizations to join.  Together we can reach the goal of one billion steps in 2019!  


When you register, you will set up your individual account.  From there you can fly solo, or form a team with your friends, neighbors, family, or work buddies.  (Note: A team consists of two or more participants.) If your team is employer affiliated, please follow the naming convention indicated when setting up your team.


After you register, you will be asked if you have a wireless device (like a Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone or other wireless device) you want to pair with your Walker Tracker account.  If you do choose to pair your device, your daily steps will sync automatically.  If not, you can select to enter your steps manually.


Don't worry-you can still participate in the challenge!  WalkerTracker has over 100 different types of physical activity to choose from. Just choose your favorite form of physical activity, enter the number of minutes you performed that activity, and the system will automatically convert your activity of choice into steps for the challenge. It's that easy!

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Medical Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or routine.




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